Thursday, March 20, 2008

Starting out...

Hello Ladies!

I decided we definitely need a blog for a book club, so I started this one. I have no idea what to actually name it or what we are going to do in book club meetings so everything is in need of change, but I put down "Lady Owl Book Club" as the starter title because it reminded me of Elyse's keychain that Madilyn loves so much. Let me know what title you think we should have for our book club and what we should do during our club meeting, etc. I'm wide open for suggestions. I also invited you both to be authors on this blog so you can blog on here as well. I figure sometimes we'll just post comments for things and other times we'll acutally blog. I think as long as you are authors you should be able to change anything you want about the page. You are both wonderfully creative so go for it! I'm hoping together we can make this a blog that we'll all end up visiting often so make it your own.

Talk to you soon!